Experience as department underground sweets at major department stores, achievements as gifts and gifts gifts.
Harajuku and Japan's largest crepe fierce battlefield, a large matrix in the sacred place Jiyugaoka of the sweets.
Coverage in various media and realized the nationwide mail order as a suite sweet brand.

Crepie kei hasegawa makes the crepe brulee which is the first burned crepe in Japan.
Certification of Toyama brand of crepe brûle by head office location in Toyama Prefecture.
Crepe Brulee, a completely new crepe category,
With just that series, we recorded sales of up to 10,000 meals a month.

Com crêpe born from a small local shutter street shopping district,
Utilizing the backbone such as creative direction and town management,
Domestically, we are accelerating the opening of franchise stores in major cities across the country.
In addition, starting with New York, I began to look overseas expansion.

Popular with small children, supported by young women, also fascinates adult women.
Luxury small beyond the concept of crepe, to the whole country, to the world.
To eat as well as to the status brand as a Japanese ordering sweet.

Prostitution crepe.
However, comcrepe.
Our evolution will continue to expand the
possibilities of Japanese crepes.

It is the only crepie that changed the crepe of Japan.

Comcrepe was a start from a small local shop.
Fourteen years later, Harajuku store and Jiyugaoka shop opened in Tokyo.
Including franchise stores and license shops,
A total of nearly 100 people com crepe staff that I taught,
Creating my crepes every day, I offer it to customers.

As much as I was a JAGDA member,
I have lived in the design world for nearly 20 years.
Crepe is also creative.
I think that its beauty and taste cross over the ocean.
One of the proof is crepe brulee.
The menu and recipe that were not on the earth,
I thought for the first time in the world, shaping it,
I spread it from the small local shops to the whole country.

Crepe brulee changed the crepe of Japan.
Speaking of Japanese crepe, the day when it is said to be Crepe Brulee,
I feel it is not far.

Why do not you extend the view of the world of com crepe with me?
Why do not you make real crepe brute together.
At Comcrepe, we are looking for a franchise owner.
I encounter a lot of people, I learn from each other, try hard,
Let's grow into a luxury small that Japan boasts.

Representative Director of Hoorays Co., Ltd.
Kei Hasegawa

Founder of Comcrepe. Head office owner clay pie. All crepe & garret of Comcrepe is created by Kleepie kei hasegawa. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Independent Administrative Institution Small and Medium Enterprises Infrastructure Development Organization Registration source Central town area revitalization Town manager · Former central city commercial revitalization adviser. Town management for free parking lot is selected 77 shopping districts of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Mizuho Research Institute “Regional Revitalization Business” NTT Docomo “Regional Media Changes Region” Jointly co-author. Promotion conference Completion of copywriter training lecture. Former The Japan Graphic Designers Association JAGDA Member. Awards include Asahi Advertising Award, TOCC Nakahata Takashi Associate Special Jury Award, TOYAMAADC Takayuki Takayuki Special Jury Award. Produced a license shop to AEON Mall in 2014. Produced Comcrepe Harajuku store in 2016, produces Comcrepe Jiyugaoka shop. In 2017, Crepe Brulee is registered as “Toyama’s Toyama brand” certified by Toyama Prefecture. Town manager blog “” operated. Representative director of Phlase Co., which is Comcrepe FC headquarters and editorial department. Member of the Japan Social Informatics Association.

Comcrepe first overseas expansion.
New York store franchise owner is wanted.

At the Comcrepe franchise headquarters, after holding the Tokyo Olympique in August 2020,
It is scheduled to open in New York as part of the cool Japan project.
It is a corporation that can be a partner company in the United States,
If you are interested in our brand business, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please contact us by e-mail. We also support questions in English. Hoorays Inc.